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Fort Wainwright Golf Course and Chena Bend Clubhouse Video

Check out the Fort Wainwright Golf Course and Chena Bend Clubhouse Video below, courtesy of Fort Wainwright MWR.

Originally established in 1939 as Ladd Field, this location was eventually renamed Ladd Air Force Base in 1947. In 1961 it was transferred back to the U.S. Army and renamed Fort Wainwright  in honor of World War II general Jonathan Wainwright.

Today, Fort Wainwright is a mainstay of the area, calling itself home to over 15,000 active duty and family members. Fort Wainwright offers a full range of support facilities and recreational amenities to included IHG Army Hotel Lodging, Glass Park RV Campground, Space-A Air Travel and the off-base Seward Resort. Fort Wainwright’s MWR office also provides a wide array of events, activities and outdoor recreation facilities, including a world class 18-hole golf course.

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