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Fort Hunter Liggett Primitive Camp, CA – Featured RV Camping

Fort Hunter Liggett Primitive Camp, located amidst 162,000 acres of grasslands, woodlands, and chaparral habitats in the beautiful mountains of California, is a prime area for outdoor enthusiasts. Avid hunters and outdoor lovers will find this destination an interesting and unforgettable RV camping experience!

The RV Park, located in a separate area for RVs and trailers, is equipped with electricity and water hookups. Primitive campsites are also available for those who prefer to be even closer to nature. Guests will find a full host of rental equipment is available for you to enjoy hunting, fishing, camping, kayaking and much more. Additionally, a full range of support facilities is available on base.

Click the link below to find out more about this location.

Fort Hunter Liggett
Ft Hunter Liggtt

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