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Everything You Need To Know About Disney’s Castaway Club

Disney Cruise Line’s Castaway Club offers perks starting after taking just one cruise! Read on to learn about these perks, including the rewards you could get for enjoying a Disney cruise.

The Points Guy ~ ” Disney Cruise Line has a relatively modest loyalty program. Unlike such cruise lines as Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line, Disney doesn’t offer its loyalty club members over-the-top perks such as a free cruise after reaching a top tier. There are no big discounts on shore excursions and spa treatments for members, like some lines offer. Still, the Castaway Club, as Disney calls its loyalty program, does bring a few valuable perks at its higher-level tiers, including early access to new itineraries and onboard activities. The program also is one where it is relatively easy to reach a high-level tier.

There are just three tiers to the Castaway Club program:

-Silver (after one cruise) -Gold (after five cruises) -Platinum (after 10 cruises) Once you reach the first tier of the program (Silver), you will be entitled to exactly half a dozen perks. Perhaps the most notable of these is the ability to make advance bookings for onboard cruise activities such as ticket-only character greetings and specialty restaurant dinners up to 90 days before sailings. This is a big deal in the world of Disney cruises, where some of the hottest activities on ships sell out quickly.

Photo by Maurício Mascaro from Pexels

It isn’t really until you hit the Platinum level of the Castaway Club that the perks start to get interesting. The big perk at this level is that you can book new itineraries earlier than everyone else and you also have the earliest possible access to reserve onboard activities.

Specifically, you can make reservations for newly announced itineraries three days before the general public, and you can book activities up to 120 days in advance of sailing. In the world of Disney, this is a very big deal. As mentioned above, Disney fans are known to snap up all the good cabins for a popular sailing the moment a trip goes on sale. Ditto for onboard activities.

In addition, Platinum status also brings access to members-only voyage discounts and priority check-in at the terminal. Only Concierge class passengers board Disney ships ahead of Platinum members. ” ~ The Points Guy

For further information about Disney’s Castaway Club, click the link below!

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Earn perks with Disney's Castaway Club!

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