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Credit Cards that Cover TSA PreChecks & Global Entry

There are credit cards that cover TSA PreCheck and Global Entry costs. In fact, so many travel credit cards now offer reimbursement for Global Entry and TSA PreCheck applications that there is no longer any excuse not to enroll in one of these programs.

There are a few key differences Global Entry and TSAPreCheck. Global Entry costs $100 to apply and is an expedited clearance program for pre-approved, low-risk travelers. Global Entry holders can speed through customs and immigration when arriving in the U.S. TSA PreCheck is a program run by the Transportation Security Administration that costs $85 to apply. Approved passengers with it can access expedited security checkpoints when exiting the U.S. and don’t have to remove their shoes or take out items from their carry-on bags. Both programs last five years, and travelers who qualify for Global Entry receive access to TSA PreCheck too, so you might as well apply for Global Entry and enjoy both programs.

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credit cards

Credit Cards

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