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Countries That Give Financial Incentive To Move There

Moving abroad can be a dream come true. It can be a joy to fully immerse yourself in a different culture or simply the excitement of a new experience. Check out places that pay you to move there.

Japan's Heritage
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apartmenttherapy ~ "Japan

No, you can’t move to one of those amazing towers in Tokyo on the Japanese government’s yen. But the country will grant foreigners a year-long visa and up to $10,000 to move to a more rural area that needs a population/economic boost. If you’ve got a family and are looking to make a life-changing move, there are also more incentives available.


Small towns in Spain are in need of a population boost. For example, Ponga in the northern province of Asturias will pay up to €2,000 for single people to move there and up to €3,000 for families with children. If children are in your future, the government will pay you an incentive of €3,000 for each birth." ~ apartmenttherapy

For the complete list of countries that offer deals to move there, please click the link below:

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