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Cheap Eats that New Yorkers love – Business Insider

Here’s an entertaining article about the cheap eats New Yorkers love, from matzo meal-crusted fried chicken to hand-stretched Chinese noodles.

Business Insider ~ “The great thing about New York — the thing that makes it the best food town in the world — is that the same people who’ll spend $900 for a meal at Masa will also stand in a snaking line for an $8 chicken sandwich.

Our hunger for the exotic, the daring, and the artery-busting is so great that it’s spawned a whole new landscape of cheap eats.

Cheap Eats

Image by Shutterbug75 from Pixabay

Joining the ranks of the $1 slice and the pastrami sandwich are crave-worthy bites like matzo meal-crusted fried chicken and sustainably-caught seafood. Then, there’s always the iconic New York City food trucks and carts, which offer up some of the tastiest, cheapest food in the city.

Here are 15 cheap eats that New Yorkers crave, from the perfect square slice to a taco that’ll make you drool all over your keyboard.” ~ Business Insider

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