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Best Camper Van Rentals | Business Insider

Camper van rentals are becoming a more popular option for travel.  Read on for information on types of camper vans, as well as some of the best companies for camper van rentals.

Business Insider ~ ” As summer fast approaches, and the COVID-19 pandemic surges on, the travel landscape continues to wait in limbo.

With plenty of risks associated with both boarding a plane or booking a hotel, many people are pausing plans. However as states start to reopen, travelers are turning to alternative ways to vacation close to home.

A motorhome rental is one such way forward. After all, your wheels, lodging, and dining are all relegated to one controlled space. However, RVs (recreational vehicles) tend to be difficult to drive, sometimes too large for many campgrounds, and pricey when it comes to fuel.

For those looking for an equally convenient way to travel with more flexibility, consider the camper van.

Image by Poposky from Pixabay

Like larger RVs and motorhomes, camper vans offer travelers increased levels of control over their environments. The best-equipped camper vans are self-contained living pods with sleeping, washing, and cooking facilities all onboard. They also allow easy access to remote spots in nature and socially distant campgrounds. They’re also easier to drive, better on fuel, and can slip into most campgrounds without problems.

‘Camper vans are the perfect option for those wanting some extra comfort during their road trip without having to break the bank,’ says Carley Clegg, spokesperson for Escape Campervans, a company founded in New Zealand but that now operates US locations. ‘Camper vans are small enough to fit into most tent sites and large enough to fit a bed inside and a simple, efficient kitchen. It’s the perfect middle ground to soak in the outdoors.'” ~ Business Insider

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