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Barking Sands Beach Cottages PMRF, HI – Featured Lodging

Barking Sands Beach Cottages, located at PMRF, are a vacationer’s dream! Away from the hubbub of Oahu on the west side of the island in Kauai, guests will find the tranquil setting and luxurious foliage breathtaking! This area is called the Garden Isle because of its beautiful foliage.

This location offers 25 cottages that are either beachfront or have an ocean view, making this a popular and well-loved destination. The cottages are fully furnished and provide bedding and linens. A maximum of six guests are accommodated in the standard and deluxe cottages, and the VIP cottage will comfortably accommodate eight.

Click the link below to find out more about this beautiful getaway in Hawaii!

Barking Sands Beach Cottages

Beach Cottages PMRF, Hawaii.

Barking Sands Cottages

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