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Around the world in 8 days: Quest on low-cost airlines | CNN Travel

Richard Quest takes on a challenge: Go around the world in 8 days — using only low-cost carriers. See how he did it. “(CNN) — “Ten airlines, nine countries, eight days, one journey. Those are the vital statistics that cover the round-the-world trip Richard Quest undertook this month.

Oh, one more twist: He did it all on low-cost carriers. The final airfare tab: $2,345. Click on the interactive above for details about each leg of the flight.

Low-cost carriers — or budget airlines — generally offer cheaper fares and cut business costs by offering fewer amenities than traditional airlines. ‎’These airlines have democratized flying, and are now the backbone of short-haul travel in Europe, Asia and America,’ says Quest, who was recently appointed CNN Money’s Editor at Large.” ~ CNN Travel

around the world in 8 days

Image by Gerhard Gellinger from Pixabay

For the full article and video, please click the following link!

around the world in 8 days

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