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Apple’s New TSA-approved Digital ID Is Now Live

Apple now has a TSA-approved Digital ID, which iPhone users can add to their Apple Wallet! This is still very new, and only available in Arizona at the moment, but there are more states who have agreed to offer this perk in the upcoming weeks/months!

The Points Guy ~ ” The days of fumbling around for your driver’s license at the security checkpoint are slowly coming to an end.

Apple on Wednesday announced it officially launched digital state IDs in the iPhone Wallet app, beginning with those issued by the state of Arizona.

As of March 23, anyone with an Arizona-issued driver’s license or ID can convert the physical card into a digital version directly on an iPhone. Once converted, the digital ID can be used at select TSA security checkpoints at the Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX) airport.

Using your digital ID at TSA checkpoints

Once your state ID is stored in your iPhone, you’ll be able to present it at supported TSA checkpoints nationwide.

The process starts when you get to the front of the security line. You’ll be asked to tap your iPhone near the identity reader. Your iPhone will then prompt you to either perform a Touch ID or Face ID scan and confirm that you’re comfortable sharing your identity information with the TSA.

After authenticating on your iPhone, the identity reader will take your picture to confirm it matches the one on your ID and you’ll then be on your way.

You’ll never need to show or hand over your device to the TSA agent — everything is processed digitally and is touch-free.

Note that the TSA says all travelers must continue to carry their physical driver’s license, identification card or other acceptable ID (and have it readily available), when passing through the airport. A physical ID may be required by the TSA officer to complete verification.

Photo courtesy of Apple

State and TSA support

At the outset, Apple’s new digital ID is exclusively available for those with Arizona-issued driver’s licenses and state IDs.

The good news is the tech giant is working with many other states to enable the technology. To date, Apple has confirmed that the following states and territories will offer digital ID in the coming weeks and months.

  • Colorado.

  • Connecticut.

  • Georgia.

  • Hawaii.

  • Iowa.

  • Kentucky.

  • Maryland.

  • Mississippi.

  • Ohio.

  • Oklahoma.

  • Puerto Rico.

  • Utah.

Hopefully, this list will expand to include more states in the future.” ~ The Points Guy

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