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All-Access Travel in the Northwest – Northwest Travel Magazine

All-Access travel for the disabled is an ideal not always realized. “Traveling in the winter can already be challenging, and finding accessible spaces for small children, elderly or those who are otherwise unable to traverse uneven ground or tackle snowy winter sports can be even tougher.”

But Northwest Travel Magazine has put together a list of winter-wonderland locations in the Northwest that are able to accommodate the needs of those with special mobility requirements.

All-Access Travel

Mt. Rainier, Washington. Image by Damon Pistulka from Pixabay

Please click the following link to read the full article: All-Access Travel in the Northwest – Northwest Travel Magazine

Also, please note that one of these destinations, Mt. Rainier, is just about an hour from the McChord AFB Space-A Terminal and the Gray Army Airfield Terminal on Ft Lewis. And it is also an hour and a half from Seattle International Airport – yet another Space-A destination. That means with a little luck and some flexibility, you may be able to fly in Space-A to one of those locations! That could potentially save hundreds of dollars in airfares!

And Joint Base McChord-Ft Lewis offers numerous hotels and even recreational lodging to help further defray the cost of your travels!

All-Access Travel

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