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Alaska’s Aurora Borealis and Midnight Sun Season

Alaska’s Aurora Borealis and Midnight Sun are incredible events worthy of a place on your bucket list! Depending on which of these two amazing phenoms you are seeking to experience, it is a good idea to know the seasons – or even how you may be able to overlap the two. Click the links below to find out more information from and how you can request a visitor’s guide or just browse the site!

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Aurora Borealis and Midnight Sun

During Aurora Season (August 21-April 21) in the Fairbanks region, the aurora borealis also known as the northern lights, almost always appears when the sky is relatively dark and clear. The Aurora Borealis Tracker correlates aurora forecast, weather conditions and time of day to determine aurora viewing possibilities in multiple locations.

During the Midnight Sun Season (April 22- August 20), Fairbanks experiences 24 hours of sunlight for seventy days from May 17 to July 27. The Midnight Sun Tracker calculates the number of daylight hours, also known as civil twilight, 365 days a year in multiple locations.

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