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5 Mistakes to Avoid on Your First RV Trip

Road trips in RVs are one of the biggest travel trends this Summer, allowing travelers to remain socially distant while broadening their horizons. With this trend there’s a growing number of first-time RV drivers who may not know what to look out for on their maiden voyage. Here are some common errors made by RV newbies, and how to avoid them.

Travel and Leisure ~ ” Not Choosing the Right Type of RV – There are plenty of options when it comes to recreational vehicles, from traditional Class A motorhomes to camper vans and travel trailers. Depending on the number of people you’ll be traveling with, as well as the amenities you’re looking for (such as a kitchen and bathroom), and how far you’ll be traveling, it’s important to explore different types of RVs. A camper van is a great option for couples and solo travelers, for example. Class A motorhomes are often the roomiest, but a Class C motorhome is easier to drive and a good option for first-time RV-ers. Though contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a special license to drive an RV.

Image by Siggy Nowak from Pixabay

Not Adhering to Campground Rules and Etiquette – When stopping at a campground, don’t forget to ‘think of the campsite as another person’s home and leave it better than you found it,[Outdoorsy co-founder Jen Young] said. Another key piece of campsite advice, according to Young, is to never leave food outside of the RV and dispose of it properly to avoid attracting animals. ” ~ Travel and Leisure

To learn about more mistakes you can avoid on your first RV excursion, click the link below.

** Please note: Due to the impact of COVID 19 on travel, we encourage people to always plan trips in accordance with the guidance provided by government and health officials.

Avoid These Mistakes on Your First RV Trip

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