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47 Travel Hacks (Tips and Tricks) – YouTube

YouTube presenter Laurie offers 47 travel hacks to make your life easier. You’re sure to find a few that you can use!

TravelTipsbyLaurie ~ “This video is about 47 travel hacks. These 47 travel hacks are from my 2019 list of tips that you have shared with me. These tricks and tips are hacks that you can even use in the airplane, in a hotel or for a road trip. These travel hacks are not the ones we have all heard of like packing razor blades in sunglasses case or putting lotion in contact case. I have been keeping a list this year and have 47 hacks to share with you while you travel. #travelhacks #traveltips The number 1 travel hack is to use a beach ball inflatable for a foot rest. I bought a foot hammock this year to keep the blood flowing in my legs on a long haul flight. I love these tips and tricks for travel. I’m a Houston pilot wife helping you ‘travel the globe without a worry in the world.’ ~ YouTube – TravelTipsbyLaurie

travel hacks

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