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45th Annual Vidalia Onion Festival, GA | Blue Angels Air Show, April 21-24

The Vidalia Onion Festival begins Thursday April 21st and runs through April 24th in Vidalia, Georgia! Vidalia is a city known for its sweet onion, but also offers much to see and do. Check out the Vidalia Onion Museum, the historic downtowns of Vidalia, Lyons, and Mount Vernon, and enjoy the different dining options and shops you come across there.

If you’re a fan of airshows, you can head to the Vidalia Regional Airport for the 2022 Vidalia Onion Festival Air Show, which features none other than the U.S. Navy Blue Angels! The Blue Angels take to the sky Saturday 4/23 and Sunday 4/24, with the gates opening at 9:00 am and the show starting around 1:00 pm.

Lee Brice | Bert Cash (BSC Photography), CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Vidalia Onion Festival this year is also featuring American country artist Lee Brice as a headliner for your listening pleasure, and even offers VIP tickets to the show!

The Festival’s schedule of events and tickets can be found at the link below. Check it out!

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