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25 State Parks with National Ambitions

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada. Photo: Clement Bardot via Wikimedia Commons

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada. Photo: Clement Bardot via Wikimedia Commons

The Wild State-Run Places That Are Giving the National Parks a Run For Their Money.

By R.J. Crawford

Here is an excellent article on 25 great State Parks by Lauren Steele from Men’s Journal. In using our theme of, “Travel on Less Per Day the Military Way!” we are picking out the best travel articles from the web and showing you where you can include Military Lodging, Military Camping or Space-A Air to make it an even better travel experience for you. So click the Source above to read the article and then below we will list the links for additional military options to help you use your military benefits. We are highlighting any facilities within an hour of these state parks.

Land of the Yankee Fork State Park, Idaho: No Military options.

DeSoto State Park – Desoto Falls, Alabama: No Military options.

Lake Tahoe State Park, Nevada: Bingo 

There are over a thousand miles of trails in the Lake Tahoe area and 73 miles of shore line on the lake.

Big Bend Ranch State Park, Texas: No Military options.

Niagara Falls State Park, NewYork 

Visiting Niagara falls was a fantastic experience!

Missouri Headwaters State Park, Montana: No Military options.

Baxter State Park, Maine: No Military options.

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

Oswald West State Park, Short Sands Beach, Oregon

Stop at Canon Beach for some wonderful seaside views.

Cook Forest State Park, Pennsylvania: No Military options.

Mt. Spokane State Park, Washington 

Chugach State Park, Alaska 

Rifle Falls State Park, Colorado: No Military options.

Mount Washington State Park, New Hampshire: No Military options.

Red Rock State Park, Arizona

Coolidge State Park, Vermont: No Military options

Na Pali Coast State Park, Hawaii 

 Assateague State Park, Maryland 

Several rockets are launched from Wallops yearly.

Lime Kiln State Park, Washington 

Custer State Park, South Dakota 

Peninsula State Park, Wisconsin 

Goblin Valley State Park, Utah: No Military options.

Katy Trail State Park, Missouri 

Wilson State Park, Kansas

Silver Falls State Park, Oregon: No Military options.


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