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10 Best places in the US to travel in 2020 – Insider

Insider shares its choice for the 10 best places in the US to travel in the upcoming year:

“It’s an age-old question: Where should I go?

The answer is probably somewhere hip, with cool hotels, good food, and plenty to do, and not anywhere overpriced or overrun with other tourists.

Best places in the US

San Juan, Puerto Rico. Image by Anita S. from Pixabay

We looked across the US to find destinations that fit this bill, based on chatter we’ve been hearing, people moving en masse, rankings from other publications, and exploding food scenes. We found up-and-coming hot spots, old classics experiencing a renaissance, places in the midst of reinvention, and cities that are still flying under the radar.

From Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to San Juan, Puerto Rico, here’s our pick of 10 places in the US to visit in 2020…”

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Best places in the US

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