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Your Military Star® Card Saves You 10% At Exchange Restaurants

Check out this little-known benefit from your Military Star® Card. Besides the no annual, late, or over-limit fees or the 5 cents off every gallon of gas at Exchange fuel locations, Military Star® Cardmembers also get a 10 percent discount at Exchange Restaurants!

Photo Courtesy of AAFES

publicaffairs-sme ~ "DALLAS – The military community can enjoy healthy and convenient meals at Army & Air Force Exchange Service restaurants—and save with MILITARY STAR®.

Cardmembers save 10% on all food purchases at participating Exchange restaurants, an everyday discount that added up to more than $4 million in savings in 2022.

In addition to the 10% discount, cardmembers earn unlimited 2% rewards on their purchases. (Rewards exclude Military Clothing Plan.) Other benefits include:

  • 5 cents off every gallon of gas at Exchange fuel locations.

  • 10% off all first-day purchases for new cardmembers.

  • Free shipping on all and orders.

  • The lowest flat-rate APR among store cards—rate is offered to all cardmembers upon account approval.

  • No annual, late or over-limit fees.

  • Reduced-interest deployment plan with no payments required for eligible cardmembers." ~ publicaffairs-sme

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