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When Will We Be Able to Travel to Europe Post-Coronavirus? | AFAR

If you’re wanting to travel to Europe in the coming months, here’s some helpful information in regards to coronavirus measures and what they mean for your trip.

AFAR ~ ” Lockdowns are gradually being lifted—but that doesn’t mean borders will come flying open. Here’s what you can (realistically) expect.

This is a developing story. For up-to-date information on traveling during the coronavirus outbreak, visit the websites of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.

If you’re wondering when travelers from the United States are going to be able to visit Europe again, you are far from alone—last year 4.7 million Americans traveled to Europe during the months of March, April, and May, according to U.S. Commerce Department data. But rather than hop the pond this spring, we have all been home, sheltering in place and working to help flatten the coronavirus curve. During this sedentary time, we can’t help but ask ourselves when, and in what form, we’ll be able to travel to Europe again as we dream about summers and autumns spent sauntering along the Seine and lounging on the Mediterranean.

Travel to Europe

Venice, Italy.  Image by David Mark from Pixabay

On March 17, as the coronavirus pandemic gripped the continent, European Union leaders agreed to impose travel restrictions on most foreigners entering Europe for at least 30 days to limit the spread of COVID-19. Those restrictions were extended until May 15, 2020, and last week the European Commission recommended another 30-day extension, which would leave the ban in place until June 15, 2020.

In the meantime, each individual European country has voiced its own, slightly different approach to the possibility of reopening to travel. For now, governments are (rightfully) focused predominantly inward as they, like the United States, work to navigate the lifting of weeks-long lockdown measures for their citizens, and discover what living with the coronavirus pandemic can and will look like within their own borders.

For the vast majority of European countries, it’s still unclear when exactly they might open up to international visitors—and what it will entail when they do. But recent statements and measures, such as the implementation of mandatory quarantines, have offered some clues. Concrete actions are also being planned—Greece last week unveiled its strategy for welcoming tourists back by July.” ~ AFAR

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Europe Post-Coronavirus

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