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Vintage Photos Of The Most Haunted Towns In The US

Looking at pictures of ghost towns can be fun, creepy, and perfect for Halloween night. But what did those towns look like before they became the stuff of campfire stories? This photo story shows some incredible before-and-after images of ghost towns around the United States.

Business Insider ~ ” Some abandoned towns across the US might not be as empty as previously thought. With reports of mysterious sounds and sights, these ghost towns have earned their title. Here’s a look back at what these now-barren towns looked like in their heyday.

Garnet, Montana, was a bustling mining town of 1,000 people in the late 1800s.Garnet had hotels, barber shops, a school, and saloons, including Kelly’s Saloon. By 1917, the mines in Garnet had produced around $950,000 worth of gold. Garnet emptied after a fire destroyed much of its business district in 1912, but it experienced a resurgence in 1934 when President Roosevelt raised gold prices.

Image by Don Gilman from Pixabay

Garnet now calls itself “Montana’s best preserved ghost town.” When World War II began, dynamite use was redirected towards the war effort, halting mining efforts. The town sits abandoned today, but the old Kelly’s Saloon is said to be haunted, with reports of music and laughter coming from the building. The Garnet Preservation Project began restoring the town in 1970. Today, there are 30 preserved buildings, and it remains a popular ghost-hunting destination.” ~ Business Insider

To read more stories and view photographs of abandoned ghost towns, click the link below.

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Check out old photos of ghost towns in the US

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