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Top 9 Ideas for a Vacation in the Southwest (with Military Lodging & RV Camping Nearby!)

Fall vacation plans are gaining popularity as seasoned and novice travelers alike know that supply is up and demand is down! With peak travel season over for many locations, travel expenses can be reduced greatly simply by taking your trip during off-season! And even better yet, it is less crowded! If you’ve been thinking about traveling to the Southwest, you might want to check out these top destinations recommended by Click on the link below to read the full list of destinations!

southwest travel

Military Lodging and RV Parks nearby:

Grand Canyon, Arizona: Camp Navajo is approximately 70 miles south; Fort Tuthill Recreation Area approximately 85 miles south

Monument Valley, Arizona: Military lodging or RV camping is not available nearby

Santa Fe, New Mexico: Onate Billeting is located in Sante Fe

Ancient Sky City of Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico: Kirtland Air Force Base is approximately 75 miles east

Bryce and Zion National Parks, Utah: Military lodging or RV camping is not available nearby

Lake Tahoe, California: Lake Tahoe Coast Guard Recreation Facilities is located in Lake Tahoe; Camp Stead Training Center is approximately 45 miles north

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado: Buckley Air Force Base is approximately 90 miles south

Sedona, Arizona: Fort Tuthill Recreation Area is approximately 25 miles north and Camp Navajo is approximately 40 miles north

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