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Top 13 Ideas For A Vacation In The Southwest

Fall vacation plans are gaining popularity as seasoned and novice travelers alike know that supply is up and demand is down! With peak travel season over for many locations, travel expenses can be reduced greatly simply by taking your trip during off-season! And even better yet, it is less crowded!

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tripsavvy ~"The Grand Canyon, housed in Arizona, is one of the most visited attractions in the United States. The canyon was formed by The Colorado River over the course of millions of years, creating a formation that is 277 miles long, and in some places up to 18 miles wide. The canyon offers tours for every interest and activity level, from helicopter tours, bus tours, and bike tours to raft trips and hikes. The Grand Canyon Skywalk is another extremely popular way to discover the canyon, offering a thrilling way to look down into the canyon through a glass walkway.

Monument Valley on the Utah-Arizona border is home to some of the best-known rock formations in the Southwest, including the Mitten Buttes. The most popular way to experience the views is with the Valley Drive, a 17-mile dirt and gravel driving loop that can be self-driven without four-wheel drive. The other self-guided option is the Wildcat Trail hike, which is a 3.2-mile loop circling some of Monument Valley’s most popular buttes. There are also guided driving tours and hiking tours that explore less-traveled areas within Monument Valley." ~ tripsavvy

If you’ve been thinking about traveling to the Southwest, you might want to check out these top destinations. Click on the link below to read the full list of destinations!

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