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Thule Air Base Name Changed To Pituffik Space Base, Greenland

To highlight the base's regional heritage, the Defense Department's northernmost base changed its name from Thule Air Base to Pituffik Space Base. Pituffik Space Base hosts the Department of Defense's northernmost deep-water port.

U.S. Space Force photo by Senior Airman Kaitlin Castillo ~ "'Today is a day of great significance as we commemorate the renaming of Thule Air Base to Pituffik Space Base,' said Chief of Space Operations U.S. Space Force Gen. Chance Saltzman in his opening remarks as the presiding official. 'This renaming represents our wish to celebrate and acknowledge the rich cultural heritage of Greenland and its people and how important they are to the sustainment of this installation against the harsh environment north of the Arctic Circle.'

Saltzman added that the United States greatly values the contributions that the Greenlandic people bring to defending the Arctic region and to global security, and that renewed strategic competition in the Arctic can be expected with Russia’s historically significant presence in the region and the People’s Republic of China self-proclaimed near-Arctic power, seeking opportunities to expand its influence.

'From here, we have maintained an unbreakable bond working towards the collective defense and stability of the northern Arctic,' said Saltzman. 'I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the people of Greenland and Denmark for their partnership and friendship over the years. Today marks a new chapter in our shared history, one in which we recognize and celebrate the contributions and traditions of this land and its people…Together the men and women of Pituffik Space Base and our Greenlandic and Danish partners will ensure a safe, secure, and prosperous future both in space and above the Arctic Circle.'"~

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