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This Australian Island Celebrates U.S. Thanksgiving

It’s unusual for other countries to celebrate American Thanksgiving, but the community of Norfolk Island has embraced the holiday wholeheartedly. Thanks to a friendly relationship between American whalers and settlers on the island, the concept of American Thanksgiving was introduced, and it’s been celebrated since.

Travel Awaits ~ ” Norfolk Island, a speck on the Pacific Ocean closer to New Zealand than Australia, is one of the few places outside the United States where locals hold a public holiday for Thanksgiving. A fascinating place, the people of this Australian territory are perhaps more thankful for the food gracing their table than most other developed countries.

Norfolk Islanders celebrate Thanksgiving on a different day, the last Wednesday of November, by attending Church services. Even non-regular church attendees attend on this day, and tourists are welcome.

Image by Pixabay on Pexels

It’s an American concept but with local traditions. Perhaps not turkey, but certainly suckling pig, Tahitian fish salad, and cornbread. Yes, there’s pumpkin pie. Due to the American influence, the islanders are wonderful bakers. But much of what they bake is banana-based, including pilhi (savory banana slice). Expect lemon, passionfruit, coconut, and hihi (periwinkle) pies.

During Thanksgiving, the islanders are doubly grateful for what their island provides. And so are tourists who come to feast in this stunning island setting.” ~ Travel Awaits

To read more about the interesting history behind this celebration, and to see all of the reasons you should visit this beautiful island, click the link below!

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Learn the history behind this interesting celebration!

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