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The Best Airlines In The US For 2024

When it comes to flying, customers have choices on who they fly with. This list may help you narrow down who you choose to book your next flight with.

The Points Guy ~ "Summer travel is kicking off in full force, and that can mean only one thing (aside from school ending, barbecues and packed flights to Europe): It's time to name TPG's Best Airline for 2024.

This year's rankings come as summer travel is expected to reach its highest level since 2019, if not its highest level ever.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans will be looking for airline tickets while considering details like price, service, reliability and, yes, frequent flyer points and miles.

Each traveler has their own set of preferences, but we still receive one type of question above nearly all others: Is any one airline in the U.S. the best? Does any one carrier succeed at all the things travelers really care about?

Every year, we compile thousands of objective data points to determine which of the 10 biggest U.S. airlines strikes the best balance of reliability, cost, experience and value. Our goal is to use a fair and unbiased approach to see how the airlines stack up for the average consumer.

This year's analysis is complete, and we're here with the results. Read on to see where your airline landed in this year's ratings." ~ The Points Guy

Click the link below for the list The Points Guy has compiled.

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