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The 10 Best Places To Go On a River Cruise In Europe

If sailing the high seas isn't quite your cup of tea, consider taking a river cruise instead! If you'd love to see the classic beauty of Europe, check out these locations that offer river cruises.

Rhine River | Image by Tom from Pixabay

Lonely Planet ~ "Cruising down a quiet, traffic-free river, surrounded by scenic riverfront views is an ideal way to see Europe. You can sip your wine while watching picture-perfect scenery breeze past – taking in castles, medieval villages and fields of flowers. 

By necessity, European riverboats are small and passenger numbers are often fewer than 200, making these cruises a far more social and intimate experience. There’s also plenty to do and see onshore, and with more frequent stops you can enjoy more onshore activities. Cruise lines are now also offering more immersive learning experiences such as cooking classes and home visits, or activities like bicycle trips and long hikes.

The hardest part is choosing where to go — which is why we've rounded up the 10 best places to go on a European river cruise." ~ Lonely Planet  

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