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Super Affordable Military Lodging & RV Camping Near Disneyland, CA!

If California is your destination this summer and Disneyland is on your family “to-visit” list, you should check out our awesome list of super affordable Military Lodging and RV Camping locations near the park! Enjoy the convenience and safety of base amenities all while saving money by staying on base! And be sure to check out the local ITT office for your discounted park passes!

Check out our list of military lodging & RV camping near Disneyland below!


Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station: RV campers will enjoy the comfort and cost by staying at Seabreeze RV Resort as well as plenty of base amenities. The park is approximately 20 miles east of the base.

Fort MacArthur: Guests are certain to enjoy the amenities of Fort MacArthur Inn and its proximity to area beaches and sites. The park is approximately 35 miles east of the base.

March Air Reserve Base: Offering lodging at the March Inn or RV camping at the March ARB FamCamp, visitors will enjoy a full range of support facilities on base. The park is approximately 55 miles west of the base.

Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base: Offering a wide variety of lodging and RV camping options, Camp Pendleton is a perfect destination for exploration, kicking back and so much more! Visitors can choose from Del Mar Beach Resort, Harborsite Inn, Marine Manor, Pacific Views Lodge, San Onofre Beach Cottages and Ward Lodging or check out the RV camping locations at Lake O’Neill Campground or the RV camping sites at Del Mar Beach and San Onofre Beach! The park is approximately 60 miles north of the base.

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