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Space-A Flights from Charlotte-Douglas IAP/ANG On-Hold Indefinitely

Space-A Flights from Charlotte

145 AW Charlotte IAP/ANG, NC

Space-A Flights from Charlotte – Douglas IAP/ANG are on hold until further notice.

The 145 Airlift Wing at Charlotte-Douglas IAP/ANG, NC is in the process of transitioning from C-130s to C-17s. To accommodate this change, a new Ops center and other buildings are under construction. As this construction/transition moves forward, outgoing Space-A flights from Charlotte IAP have been discontinued indefinitely. However, occasional incoming flights may still be hosted.

We are informed that the best way to get updates is to monitor their Facebook page. We will watch for such updates and will inform our subscribers as soon as any are available. If you wish to view the 145 AW Facebook page yourself, please click this link.


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