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Smyrna Billeting, TN - No Space-A Stays, Official Duty Only as of 1 JAN 23

In light of the most recent change to the National Guard Regulation 5-3-1 Army National Guard Unaccompanied Housing Program dated 5 August 2022, the Smyrna Training Facility Billeting will no longer be offering Space-Available accommodations, effective 1 January 2023.

Upon contacting Smyrna Billeting, it was confirmed they are no longer offering Space-Available accommodations, which they say was due to the recent change to the NGR 5-3-1. They went on to say that in order for the Smyrna Billeting to offer Space-Available lodging, they would need to become self-funding - they would not receive any assistance from the National Guard. If they were to become self-funding, the room rate would reach $60 daily. They have "changed their operation back to Billeting (which does not allow for Space-A in the regulation), so that they may keep their room rate low for the classes that they are there to support."

The updated regulation states that "Appropriated funds are not authorized to operate, maintain, or construct lodging facilities", and that "Unaccompanied Housing is not Lodging". It goes on to explain the definition of Billeting as "Unaccompanied housing designed to support Soldiers attending from other locations for individual and collective training".

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