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Sleep With Elephants Under the Stars in Jungle Bubbles in Thailand | Travel + Leisure Video

Travel + Leisure ~ “Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort in Thailand is… gaining major buzz, thanks to its transparent luxury bubble suites, called Jungle Bubbles, which happen to be located in an area heavily trafficked by local elephants. That means guests will likely wake up each morning with a curious pachyderm or two staring them down.

Oh, and by the way, these aren’t just any elephants. According to the property, the 22 elephants living on the grounds have been rescued from Thailand’s city streets and now get to live out their days in total peace.” ~ Travel + Leisure

Jungle Bubbles

Image by Pavel Fara from Pixabay

These Jungle Bubbles are a great idea for a unique vacation that you’ll never forget! And, if you’re lucky (and patient), you may even be able to fly to or return from Thailand via a Space-A Flight! Please click the link below to read more and to view the captivating video.

Jungle Bubbles

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