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Review Of The Benefits of the Different Tricare Plans

Tricare benefits have changed over the years to adapt and serve Service members. Here is a quick overview of what to know before getting a Tricare plan, with a link to a fact sheet and explanations of the difference between Tricare Prime, US Health Family Plan, and Tricare Select.

Tricare ~ "Did you or a family member recently enroll in a TRICARE health plan or change plans? Now is a good time to review how your plan works.

1.  Know which plan you’re enrolled in

Different TRICARE plans have different rules and out-of-pocket costs for getting care, as detailed in the TRICARE Plans Overview Fact Sheet. That’s why it’s important to know which TRICARE plan you’re enrolled in.

2. Know where you can get care

Knowing where you can get care with your plan is one way to avoid unexpected costs.

3. Find what TRICARE covers

TRICARE covers care that’s medically necessary and considered proven. This includes preventive care and mental health and substance use disorder care. You can use the TRICARE Covered Services tool to see if a health service or supply is covered or not.

4. Review your out-of-pocket costs

Your health care costs may include deductibles, copayments, and cost-shares. These costs depend on your plan, your sponsor, where you get care, and the type of care you get." ~ Tricare

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