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Portugal Offers Remote Workers A New Visa For Up To A Year

Ever felt like spicing up your life with a year abroad? Portugal is now offering a "Digital Nomads Visa" created to attract remote workers. ~ "Feeling that autumnal nip in the air and not liking it one bit? Well, here’s your chance to escape to warmer shores before winter arrives. Portugal has announced a work visa designed specifically for remote workers, which could let ‘digital nomads’ live and work in the country for up to 12 months.

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

Portugal has been a digital nomad hub for quite a while, thanks to its D7 visa. Originally aimed at retirees, the D7 has proven popular with remote workers: it allows anyone to live and work in the country, so long as they earn more than the minimum Portuguese wage – at the moment, that’s €822.50 (£718.40, $804.40) per month – and commit to living there for the majority of the year.

By contrast, the ‘digital nomad’ visa should be a little more tailored to remote workers looking to temporarily relocate. It’s thought that it could act as a transitionary visa between temporary residency and getting a proper D7.

To qualify for Portugal’s remote working visa, you’ll need to be employed by a foreign company and come from a country which is not in the EU or EEA.

Further specifics concerning wage requirements, launch date and other eligibility factors haven’t yet been released." ~

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