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Online Passport Renewal Is Not Available Anymore

The pilot program that was established in August 2022 was paused a year ago amid complaints about its buggy performance. Since then, no new program has been established.

Passport and map
Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

afar ~ "And though we live in an age where technology has transformed nearly every facet of our daily lives, passports aren’t one of them. Currently, Americans cannot renew their passports online—the only way to do so is by mail.

According to a statement on the State Department’s website, the online renewal service trial was paused in order to 'introduce improvements based on customer feedback.' The website also says, 'We look forward to launching the enhanced application in a full, nationwide release.'

However, no permanent roll-out date has been announced yet." ~ afar

Here is a link to the State Department's website:

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