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Monasteries And Convents Are Budget-Friendly European Accommodations

Updated: May 31, 2023

European monasteries and convents can be a very advantageous way to save money on lodging while traveling around Europe. As a bonus, those facilities are usually in an area with a rich history.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay ~ "What to know about staying at monasteries and convents to save money during trips to Italy, Spain, and other parts of Europe.

Numerous religious orders on the continent open their doors to overnighters, often charging some of the lowest rates in town for beds in historic, peaceful, and immaculately clean quarters.

Your best bet is to go to, which has been compiling lodging options in convents and religious guesthouses since 2005. You can browse listings by dates of availability and location, look at photos, read user reviews, and book stays. Accommodations that appear in the aggregator's listings have private bathrooms and the nightly rate usually includes breakfast.

And be sure to make reservations far in advance of your trip since space for outsiders is limited." ~

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