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Military Living’s Best Budget Accommodations

Looking to get away but trying to stay within a budget? If you’re flexible in your accommodations and destination, check out some of these suggestions. As smaller billeting locations, these places offer a clean and friendly environment along with the safety and familiarity of a military base or military-operated off-base recreation area.

Camp Beauregard Billeting: Rates for a two-man rooms with shared bath/common area, microwave, mini-fridge and flat screen TV are very low. Camp Beauregard offers an Exchange, Enlisted and Officers’ Clubs, MWR Services and a swimming pool. Lodging: (318)290-5669 for reservations.

Fort Chaffee Billeting: Rates start under $20.00 nightly (prices subject to change) for BOQ rooms with shared/common bath. Cottages are available. Amenities include coffee maker, microwave, mini-fridge, and most rooms offer cable TV and Wi-Fi. Cottages are fully furnished with kitchen and utensils. Exchange and fitness center are on base. Lodging Phone: (479)484-2252/2905.

Camp Gruber Billeting: Rates start under $20 (prices subject to change) per night for community based housing. Lodging offers BOQ/SBEQ accommodation and offer double rooms with shared bath. Quarters offer a coffee maker, microwave, mini-fridge and television. Furnished cottages and trailers are also available. Base offers a PX, gym, chapel and MWR. Lodging Phone: (918)-549-6060.

Land Dominance Center (Green Roof Inn): Rates are very low for shared rooms with shared bath and include microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker and cable TV. Cottages are also available. Fort Stewart offers a full range of support facilities including an Exchange, MWR services, commissary, golfing and much more. Phone number: (678) 569-9237.

U.S. Coast Guard Academy Munro Hall Guest Housing: Rates starting under $60.00/nightly for singles (prices are subject to change). All rooms offer coffee maker, microwave, refrigerator, cable TV and private bathroom. Amenities include laundry area, fitness room and limited free Wi-Fi. Exchange, MWR services, snack bar, Officers/All Hands Club and more are available on base. Recommended to call for reservations one week in advance. Phone number: (860)-444-8664.

Camp Rapid Army Lodging: Semi-private rooms starting under $40.00 per night. Rooms offer refrigerator, cable TV and Wi-Fi. Available amenities include a fitness center and chapel. Lodging is ideally located near the Black Hills, Mt Rushmore and Crazy Horses. Phone number: (605) 737-6626.

Camp San Luis Obispo Billeting: Rates are very low for nightly BEQ rooms with queen bed and common bath. Rooms offer coffee maker, microwave, refrigerator, SAT TV and housekeeping. Base amenities include Exchange, Officers’ Club and MWR services. Phone number: (805) 594-6500.

Camp Atterbury Lodging: Rates starts at $35/nightly (rates are subject to change) offering rooms and limited suites. Rooms offer refrigerator and cable TV in limited rooms. Houses and suites offer kitchenette and laundry services. All rooms provide housekeeping services. Farrell Recreation Cabins are also available. Exchange, All Ranks Club, fitness center, MWR services, conference center, museum and much more are available. Phone number: (812) 526-1128.

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