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Maryland National Guard Troops Could Get Free TRICARE

If you haven't heard, the Health Care for Heroes Act of 2023 is a piece of legislation that would allow Maryland National Guard members and their families who are eligible for the TRICARE Reserve Select and the TRICARE Dental benefits to be reimbursed for their premiums paid.

As it stands currently, National Guard members are paying $89.53/month for TRICARE Dental premiums, and $239.69/month for TRICARE Reserve Select premiums for themselves and their families. This bill aims to have those premiums reimbursed to Maryland National Guard members, and stems from legislation that has been introduced to Congress, but has yet to pass.

If the Health Care for Heroes Act of 2023 passes both chambers and makes its way to the Governor in Maryland, it will go into effect July 1, 2023. You can read the bill here and monitor its progress here.

The Office of Governor Moore published a press release at the end of January, giving information on the agenda to support veterans, National Guard members, and their families. Click the source link below to read the press release.


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