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How NORAD Satellites and Fighter Pilots Track Santa

Check out how North American Aerospace Defense Command tracks Santa every year and brings us the latest information on his whereabouts throughout the night. Many volunteers, uniformed personnel, and Defense Department civilians support this tradition each year.

Photo by Jhomil Bansil | NORAD Tracks Santa ~ "Every December, millions of families around the world track Santa's Yuletide journey through the North American Aerospace Defense Command's Santa Tracker. 'NORAD Tracks Santa' is a holiday tradition that started from humble origins — and as a fluke — but has now grown into a massive volunteer operation.

Kids across the U.S. have grown accustomed to following Santa's journey by tracking his flight path online or by making a good, ol'-fashioned phone call to find out where he is. They're also able to play games and watch videos of his progress through the mobile 'NORAD Tracks Santa' app.

They can do all this thanks to the hard-working folks at NORAD, who start the task of tracking Santa each November when starts getting inquiries from families. About 70 contributors help set up the site, apps and phone lines, while more than 500 uniformed personnel, Defense Department civilians, their families and supporters volunteer time on Christmas Eve to answer children's questions on Santa's whereabouts.

NORAD also tracks Santa using U.S. Air Force F-15, F-16, F-22 and Canadian Air Force CF-18 fighter jets. On Christmas Eve, fighter pilots rendezvous with Santa off the coast of Newfoundland to welcome him to North America. They escort him safely through North American airspace until he returns to the North Pole." ~

For the latest information on Santa's whereabouts, click the link below:

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