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Hiking And Biking Trails At The Air Force Academy

It is well known that the Air Force Academy is located very close to Pike National Forrest. Did you know that the base contains trails that connect to the National Park and more. Here are a few of those trails. ~ "Falcon Spur Trail

Out and back: 1.4 miles Elevation gain: <100 ft. Easy

Description: This trail offers a quick, kid-friendly jaunt with vibrant views of nature and amenities for a family picnic. The Falcon Spur Trail is an easy 1.4 miles that begins near the North Gate B-52 display and Youth Camping Area. If you are looking for a slightly more challenging hike, this trail connects to the main Falcon Trail south of the cemetery and can easily be extended to 13.5 miles.

Getting there: Parking is recommended at the B-52 display, located on your left just inside the North Gate entrance. Public restrooms, trash cans, and picnic tables are located throughout the trail.

US Air Force Academy, DVIDS

Falcon Trail

Loop: 13 miles Elevation Gain: 1,466 ft. Moderate

Description: The popular, heavily-trafficked trail provides stunning views of the natural and man-made beauty of the Academy. The trail crosses the road at several spots, providing options to make the hike shorter. About one mile into the trail on the east end of Douglass Valley housing, is the historic Burgess Cabin, formerly known as Capps Cabin. One of the oldest dwellings in the region, it was built in 1870 and named to the National Register of Historic Places by Department of the Interior. Five historic gravesites belonging to the Capps family lie adjacent to the cabin. Dogs must be leashed and riders must ride with a partner. A clockwise route is generally considered to be less strenuous for cycling.

Getting there: Parking is recommended at the north lot of Falcon Stadium. From the North Gate entrance, make a left at the B-52 aircraft display onto Stadium Blvd, following signs for Falcon Stadium. Make a right on Academy Blvd into large dirt stadium parking area. Parking is on right side of Academy Blvd where the dirt road and tree line meet. Public restrooms, port-a-john’s, trash cans, and picnic tables are located around the trail; and drinking water is available in the Community Center area." ~

Check out the link below for a complete list of the trails and things to know before starting your hike.

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