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Fort Custer Education Center Billeting- Featured Lodging

This week’s featured lodging facility is the Fort Custer Education Center Billeting at Fort Custer in Michigan! This lodging facility welcomes active duty service members, National Guard service members, reservists, retirees, and their dependents. Fort Custer Education Center Billeting also welcomes widow/ers, Department of Defense employed civilians and retirees, and their dependents. Disabled veterans are also welcome.

Fort Custer Education Center Billeting has multiple room options, including 200 single twin bed rooms with chared baths, 34 rooms with queen beds, and VIP cottages. Room availability is based on rank; see our Fort Custer Education Center Billeting webpage for further details. amenities include a business center, multi-purpose and classroom rental options, an all ranks club, an outdoor rubberized track, and recreation equipment available for check out at the front desk.

Image by Kennethaw88 on Wikimedia Commons

Fort Custer, located in Battle Creek, Michigan, has quite a few nearby recreation options for guests. The nearby Binder Park zoo has great reviews; visitors love the petting zoo and the giraffe-feeding experience. The Firekeeper’s Casino is also nearby, for those who would like to enjoy slot machines or table games during their trip. Guests who’ve visited during the COVID-19 pandemic appreciate the cleanliness and smoke-free environment the Firekeeper’s Casino offers.

If you’d like to plan a stay at the Fort Custer Education Center Billeting, check out our lodging webpage, where you’ll find the links you need to make a reservation for your stay. And for any trips you have coming up in the new year, we recommend you bring a copy of our 2021 Military Travel Guide U.S.A.™, for information that will help you travel on less per day, the military way!

** Please note: Due to the impact of COVID 19 on travel, we encourage people to always plan trips in accordance with the guidance provided by government and health officials.

Check out this week's featured lodging facility!

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