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Flights To Australia Might Get Canceled Due To Excessive Carbon Emissions

As countries worldwide are looking for ways to limit carbon emissions, restricting extremely long international flights is an obvious choice. For this reason, flights from the United States to Australia might get canceled.

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay ~ "Rather than the sweeping societal change that’s needed like renewable energy reforms, stopping fossil fuel mining and burning or investing in clean public transport, it’s much easier to cut back on long haul flights. That can be done with almost immediate effect.

Flying from Europe or the Americas to Australia is carbon intensive, so it’s an obvious choice for the chopping block.

This could mean Australia has fewer flight options in future and therefore more expensive tickets.

The Federal Government has been warned by the Australian Airports Association that Australia could be “priced out” of the international aviation network over the next decade when carbon pricing and targets start being implemented." ~

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