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Find EV Chargers With Google Maps

Google Maps is launching an update for Android and iPhone that will make finding electric charging stations much easier for EV owners. The app will even show you the location of specific chargers (type 1, type 2, CCS, or CHAdeMO).

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay ~ "If you drive an EV, you’ll be able to filter charging stations to find the most time-efficient option. So, if you search for a 'charging station' in Google Maps, for example, a new option appears that allows you to filter out to show only 'fast charge' stations that are compatible with the plug your car uses. It builds on an earlier update that allows users to search for stations by plug compatibility.

Fast charging includes stations with chargers 50kW or higher. The update is available in countries where EV charging stations are available, according to Google". ~

Check out the link below for all features regarding the google maps update.

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