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Enjoy A New Way to Save Big with Our Five Year Subscription Plan. That Is A Savings Of $198 Compared To Our Yearly Plan

Military Living is excited to introduce a new, worry-free subscription plan that can save you up to $198 (savings amount is compared to a yearly plan).

Please check out our new plans under the "Subscribe" tab on our website or click the link below:

Our New Web Subscription Option:

A 5-Year plan with a one-time payment of $297. The plan will give you online access to the Worldwide Military Travel Planner Map PLUS online access to all five books, which include 2,000+ pages of information for the duration of 5 years. This plan will save you $198 compared to the yearly plan. Please follow the link to subscribe.

Our 5-Year Web Subscription plan to Military Living® will give you online access to the following:

Over 700 worldwide military locations, filled with secure, money-saving options.

  • Interactive Worldwide Military Map showing all locations - PLUS driving directions!

  • Space­-A Air Flights ­- find hundreds of thousands of available worldwide seats

  • Military RV Camping -­ find thousands of camping spots & cabins worldwide

  • Military Lodging -­ find thousands of accommodations worldwide 

  • Support Facilities included in listings

  • Military News - stay up to date with our e-newsletter!

For easy savings and a worry-free plan, subscribe to our new 5-Year plan. The subscription is a one-time fee of $297, for web access for five years.

The plan DOES NOT Auto-Renew and will expire at the end of its term.

Click here to buy now! Start exploring our interactive worldwide map or make reservations to a military facility with the assistance of one of our travel guides.

Please don't wait, click here to subscribe.

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