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Ditch Yellowstone For This Other Geothermal National Park

Did you know that the National Park System has expanded to 429 units (often referred to as parks)? There are also more than 150 related areas, and numerous programs that assist in conserving the nation's natural and cultural heritage. Yellowstone remains as one of the most popular, but there's another geothermal National Park you should check out - Lassen Volcanic National Park in California.

The Travel ~ "Looking for a Yellowstone experience without the crowds? Lassen National Park has plenty of geothermal features to explore in a quiet environment.

Yellowstone National Park is a giant in the national park system. Yellowstone is the oldest national park in the U.S., and potentially the oldest in the entire world. Indeed, it is harder to picture a more iconic sight than Old Faithful spewing water into the air as colorful geothermal features bubble happily nearby.

Steam from Boiling Springs Lake | Lassen Volcanic National Park

Despite its fame, Yellowstone is not the only national park that features this geothermal activity. California's most underrated national park, Lassen Volcanic National Park, has a surprisingly similar landscape to Yellowstone, with a fraction of the annual visitors. Lassen Volcanic National Park is one of the least visited of California's nine national parks, making it the ultimate alternative to Yellowstone for those hoping to avoid crowds.

Here are all the details about the highly underrated Lassen Volcanic National Park and its various volcanic attractions." ~ The Travel

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