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Department Of Defense Increasing The Number Of EV Chargers On Base

Some exciting news is coming to eight military bases! Department of Defense authorized a new project: providing EV chargers on military installations for government vehicles and privately owned electric cars. ~ "As electric vehicles continue to transform the ground transportation landscape across the nation, the Defense Department will need to provide EV chargers to enable on-installation EV usage.

Photo By: Erin Rohn, Marine Corps

The Defense Innovation Unit has partnered with the Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and the Army Reserve to pilot installation of modern EV charging technology across eight military bases in the United States.

Leveraging a combination of Level-2 and Level-3 chargers, which offer the midrange and fastest charging capabilities, respectively, this pilot project will enable charging for both government and privately owned vehicles, said Benjamin Richardson, DIU Energy Portfolio director.

Once the on-base charger installation phase is complete, DIU will run a yearlong analysis to measure usage; uptime; vehicle types, be they government or personal; wait times; and mean time to repair, Richardson said.

The project will also evaluate the viability of 'charging-as-a-service' payment models, wherein personal vehicle charging revenues defray DOD EV infrastructure investments, he said.

'By increasing the number of chargers on military bases, DOD is creating the infrastructure needed to expand EV usage, which will minimize carbon emissions in the long run,' he said. 'Upon successful completion of the pilot, DOD partners intend to rollout chargers to other bases across the United States.'

DIU received 44 responses to the EV Charger Project solicitation. A panel of DOD subject matter experts facilitated a rigorous commercial solutions opening and down-select processes, resulting in the selection of seven vendors for the EV charging effort, Richardson said". ~

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