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Defense Health Agency – Military Health Care Changes

The Defense Health Agency will take the next step this fall in evolving health care across the Military Health System, which oversees the care and well-being of some 9.5 million people, including service members, families and retirees. On Oct.1, 2019 all military treatment facilities in the United States that had been previously operated by the Army, Navy or Air Force will transition to the DHA. Eventually, every military treatment facility will move under the DHA, and the agency has opted to manage those facilities by dividing them into a variety of “markets.”

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Defense Health Agency

Army Lt. Gen. Ronald Place (center), director of the Defense Health Agency, talks to two civilian staff personnel during a recent visit the U.S. Army Health Clinic Stuttgart, Sept. 11, 2019, Stuttgart, Germany. The Department of Defense is preparing for the next major step in consolidating military hospitals and clinics under a single agency, one of the largest organizational changes within the U.S. military in decades. (U.S. Army photo by Rey Ramon)

Defense Health Agency

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