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Cruise Ship Food to Never Eat and the Eight Rules to Follow to Avoid Being Sick

Cruising can be a wonderful experience - as long as you're feeling healthy. Check out the food to avoid, and some basic rules to follow to ensure you stay feeling your best!

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The Express ~ Cruises are designed for letting loose and kicking back to relax.

While doing so, you may find yourself enjoying the luxuries of life, from gambling to eating and drinking. Most cruises serve buffet-style food, allowing you to return for seconds and thirds and so on.

To help you make conscious choices, Cruise Critic consulted Ali Shapiro, a Pittsburgh-based integrated health coach, who offered tips on how to best navigate the surplus of buffet options, so you can feel your best and avoid getting sick.

Tips for navigating a cruise buffet

1. 'Don't gamble with freshness' of sushi

Raw fish must be eaten immediately or refrigerated and consumed shortly after, so, if you are questioning if sushi has been out for a long time, it is best to not to make a gamble.

'If you're feeling lucky, take it to the casino,' she jokes.

2. Wash hands and use napkin if eating soft-serve out of a cone

Soft-serve levers see several hands, clean or otherwise, daily. It is best to wash your hands and hold the cone with a napkin or switch a bowl instead, she says." ~ The Express

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