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Camp Nelson Designated as a National Monument

The Civil War-era Camp Nelson has been designated as a National Monument, so it will now stand as a lasting tribute to the African American soldiers and their families. There is still much that can be learned from this place with heavy historical significance.

Initially established as a Union Army supply depot and hospital, Camp Nelson became a key emancipation site and refugee camp for African American soldiers and their families during the Civil War. Located in Jessamine County, Kentucky, it was one of the largest Union Army recruitment and training centers in the nation for African American soldiers, then known as U.S. Colored Troops.

There are still archeological research projects being conducted. Every piece found provides a more detailed look at life for the people that lived and worked there.

Read about how this place earned its status by clicking the link below.

Camp Nelson

Photo: Andrew Jackson Smith, courtesy of Congressional Medal of Honor Society via Wikimedia Commons.

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