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Budget-Friendly Places To Retire Near The Beach

Ever wished to retire near the beach? These coastal communities have affordable real estate that might make your dreams come true! ~ In August, the median home listing price in the U.S. was $435,000, according to You might be willing to pay to live by the beach, but you don’t want to stretch your budget too far.

Thankfully, there are plenty of beach towns that offer the best of both worlds — affordable living and a large population of seniors.

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Garden City, South Carolina

Located approximately 10 miles south of Myrtle Beach, Garden City, South Carolina, is a small resort town with a population of roughly 11,000 — and 40% of residents are 65 years old and up. Covering about 5.5 square miles, Garden City offers easy access to the beach from anywhere you choose to live. The median home selling price is $315,000, as of May 2022, which is notably less than the national average. You’ll also enjoy South Carolina’s low taxes. This involves no tax on Social Security benefits, minimal property taxes and a notable retirement-income deduction from your state income tax.

Vero Beach, Florida

Situated along the Atlantic Ocean, Vero Beach, Florida, is a quiet coastal town where you can enjoy your golden years. In fact, it was named the second-best city in the U.S. for senior health by The Mesothelioma Center in 2021. The median home sale price was $395,000, as of May 2022, allowing you to live by the beach for less than the national average. Florida is also one of nine states that doesn’t have an income tax or a tax on certain kinds of unearned income, meaning you’ll keep more of your money in your pocket. A relatively small community, Vero Beach has a population of approximately 16,700. Nearly 30% of residents are age 65 and up, creating plenty of opportunities for socializing.

Venice, Florida

A retirement haven, Venice, Florida, has a population of just over 26,000 — almost 62% are age 65 and up. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the city was named the top destination for snowbirds in 2021-22 by Storage Café. Located on the Gulf of Mexico, the city offers plenty of entertainment, including concerts in the park, festivals and community theater. As of 2022, the median home sale price was $450,000. Since Florida doesn’t have income tax or a tax on certain kinds of unearned income, this can offset the slightly higher than average — but still affordable — cost of living. ~

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