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Breeze Airways Adding New Routes To Popular Vacations Spots.

Breeze Airways, a low-cost new airline company, is announcing some niche new routes for travelers to destinations like Vero Beach, FL, and Cincinnati.

Breeze Airways offers one free checked bag, one free carry-on bag, or two free checked bags to active duty military personnel. Size and weight limits apply.

Business ~ "Flying to some small, hard-to-reach cities across the US just got a little easier.

Low-cost carrier Breeze Airways announced 19 new routes with two new destinations on Wednesday in an effort to better connect medium-sized cities with underserved markets in leisure-heavy states, like Florida and Nevada.

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

The new cities include Cincinnati, Ohio, and Vero Beach, Florida. Cincinnati will get two routes to Charleston, South Carolina, and San Francisco, while Vero Beach will get three routes to Hartford, Connecticut; White Plains, New York; and Norfolk, Virginia.

Breeze's expansion also includes several niche routes, particularly from Charleston, Orlando, Florida, and Hartford, Connecticut. All three cities are getting four new routes, with Hartford getting three transcontinental flights connecting the Northeast to western states, like Utah, California, and Arizona.

Meanwhile, the larger markets of Charleston and Orlando will now connect to small cities in Arkansas, Ohio, and Oklahoma.

Six of the new routes will have a 'BreezeThru' connection, according to the carrier, meaning customers will have a layover, but will not exit the plane.

The low-cost newcomer was built on the idea of creating a point-to-point network targeting small or medium-sized airports that do not already have nonstop service, so the 2023 expansion comes as no surprise." ~ Business

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