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Best Alternative To Disney® Park

The magic of a Disney® Vacation is fading these days, with the price of tickets rising vs. rides becoming outdated. Here are a few alternative vacation ideas from different Theme Parks to a Cruise or National Park.

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay ~ "For an alternate theme park: Busch Gardens

Disney brands may have cornered the market on larger-than-life theme park destination vacations, but there are plenty of alternatives with nearly as impressive dedications to theming. Legoland (Los Angeles) and Dollywood (Tennessee) offer Disney-like immersive experiences for a fraction of the cost, while classics like Hershey Park (Pennsylvania) and Cedar Point (Ohio) tout both nostalgia and adrenaline-packed thrills.

For an equally easy trip: take a cruise

Many people think Disney is still worth it because going there can be extremely easy. It feels all-inclusive, even if it isn’t. You can spend the whole trip inside Disney World or Disneyland, using one wristband for everything from entering the parks to paying for souvenirs to collecting photos. Because your credit card is linked to your wristband, you don’t need to take out your wallet, and it never really feels like you’re spending money (even though you definitely are).

To enjoy natural magic: a national park

There are 63 national parks in the US. And some, like the Grand Canyon and Rocky Mountain national parks, are close enough to be add-ons to trips to nearby cities (Phoenix and Denver, respectively).

While national parks are certainly not as over-the-top as Disney, larger parks have activities like train rides and tours in open-air cars, whitewater rafting and snowshoeing tours, or even art, drawing, and photography classes. And kids can become junior park rangers at every park in the system." ~

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